The non-profit, government and donor agencies like the World Bank, US Aid, etc play a significant role in shaping the human index in a developing economy, like India. In a country plagued with environmental disasters and a vast under privileged section of society especially women and children, it is essential that very citizen be social responsible.

HSodhi & Company LLP, believes that the improvement in the human index of the country would lead to inclusive sustainable growth that would be our SocioConnect advantage in times to come. We combine our private-sector expertise with a deep understanding of the social and public sectors to affect lasting change and achieve socially enduring results for our clients.

We are Proud Service provider to.

  1. Non Profit Organisations
  2. Organisations  for Sustainable Development
  3. Donor Agencies – Indian and Global
  4. Public  Utility Companies
  5. Waste Management Companies
  6. Disaster Management Companies
  7. Women & Children Development Organisations
  8. Improvement of Literacy Organisations