Who We Are

HSodhi & Company LLP is a sister concern of “Gurpreet Singh & Co. (Chartered Accountants)” a firm operating in the state of Uttarakhand, India for the last 30 years, under the expert guidance and experience of CA. Gurpreet Singh Sodhi (1956 – 2017).

With the Vision to expand the working of the firm and widen the geographical area of rendering professional services; HSodhi & Company LLP has been established in the National Capital of New Delhi. Having its Base of operations in New Delhi, Gurugram and Dehradun; we provide highly reliable Consultancy Solutions involving Financial Services, Indirect Tax, Direct Tax, Company Law, etc.

Though the firm residentially operates from New Delhi, Gurugram and Dehradun, however this doesn’t stop our team to provide services all over India, catering to clients in major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore etc; Our team of professional is always on the move and available.

Our expertise lies in offering highly reliable Consultancy Solutions involving Financial Services, Indirect Tax, Direct Tax, and Company Law. Our team of professionals assists clients in every possible manner to solve all their business problems. Further, we also deal in services involving Company Registration in India, International Taxation, Advisory on Joint Ventures, LLP (Limited Liability Partnerships) Registration, Import Export Code, Management Consultancy and Due Diligence Services.

Our firm has over the years maintained a motivated work force, client retention, high integrity, dedication, sincerity, quality of service and professionalism. There are employees working since the inception of the firm and willing to play a long innings. We boast of commitment and loyalty of our team who lend us stability and success in the past and provide us the confidence to move into future.

Today, we are successfully handling the service solutions that assist us in providing complete guidance to customers at every individual stage as desired by them, thus helping us achieve high satisfaction levels.

Firm Vision

The business world of the present day demands quality professional services that can be provided in a timely and a cost-effective manner. Financial Professionals in the modern day are expected to provide services not only in the field of Accounting, Taxation, but also acting as partners to their clients in providing services as diverse as business development support and advise to meet the demands of the increasingly complex business environment. We at HSodhi & Company LLP strive with an ever-increasing desire to fulfil the needs of our clients where quality counts.

For us Simplicity is synonym with aiming to embody the highest standards of professional excellence in everything we aspire to do. We believe in placing our client’s needs squarely in front at all times, understanding the complexities of their business environment and developing solutions in accordance thereof. Consistent, customised and workable solutions are offered to our clients backed with the highest level of efficiency and technology.

Though one of our focuses is on achieving size, scale and global reach, our main mission is to attain professional excellence and emerge as leaders in the areas in which we operate.

Our Approach

At HSodhi & Company LLP, we spend time to analyze client’s business, goals and functions. The main focus remains on the client at all times. A team of professionals and experts is then pooled together, having expertise, skills and experience over various regulatory and industrial domains in which the client operates. This multi-disciplinary team then goes into the complex issues and comes up with a seamless advice model for the client.

Solutions to complex issues such as new business models, mergers, acquisitions, tax strategies, whether in India or outside, are entirely based on the advice of this team. The objective is to innovative and develop out of the box solutions with a view to provide value enhancement for our clients. It is this diversity of the needs of our clients, which challenges us to strive to find the best solutions for each one of them.

Our strength lies not only in our execution ability, accessibility and approachability to our clients but also in our competent fee structures which provide better value for our clients.

Our people pursue the highest levels of ethics, integrity, quality and professionalism day in and day out, to provide clients with a broad array of services. For each member of our team, innovation and quality, in whatever we do, is a passion.

Our Service Philosophy

Our dedicated professional team has carved a discernible niche for itself in the professional services industry. Our endeavour is to provide qualitative and expert professional services rendered efficaciously, sagaciously and with keen attention to details. We recognise the need to provide timely, focused and issue-based advice to our clients. Our emphasis is to make matters as simple as possible for our clients which is in sync with the Firm’s motto “Growth Through Simplicity…

At HSodhi & Company LLP, we provide quality professional services in an independent, objective, and ethical manner by bringing a new insight and fresh perspective to every issue.

  1. To maintain at all times, the highest professional standards of independence, integrity, ethics and objectivity.
  2. To promote excellence as a way of life and culture of our firm, which reflects in all we do.
  3. To impart the optimal blend of expertise to every assignment with the objective of developing practical and tailor made solutions for our clients.
  4. To develop innovative and out of the box solutions which result in value enhancement for our clients.
  5. To recognize, respect and honestly discharge our responsibility to our clients, our people and the society at large.

Our Work Culture

The firm’s work culture here at HSodhi & Company LLP is made up of core values which serve as a common thread to bind each one of us. These values are shared across the organisation and serve as the reference point for everything we do. A comprehensive, ethical and behavioural framework has been setup by us for ensuring this day to day basis.

  • Integrity
  • The firm is committed to maintain integrity and quality in sustaining the public’s trust and client’s confidence. Honesty, integrity, independence, ethics and objectivity are the bench marks on which performance of the firm and its personnel are measured and tested every moment.

  • Professional Excellence
  • Our passion for excellence is reinforced by adherence to the highest professional standards. We work with best clients, hire the best people, provide the best environment, and consistently strive to deliver high quality advise. The firm believes that personal growth, leadership, respect and teamwork are the cornerstones on which the pursuit of excellence rests. In providing our services, our emphasis remains constantly on technical excellence, practicality and objectivity. In each assignment executed by us, we bring appropriate skills and capabilities to match the complexities which the assignment demands. We believe in sustaining the culture of excellence by integrating prompt decision making and accountability in all our dealings.

  • Moral Responsibility
  • Fair business practices implicitly place onus on the professional firm to be responsible to the society and environment in which it operates. We absolutely believe in behaving professionally and engaging in practices which are legal and practical. We strive to operate with professional behavior and competence within the applicable laws, in both letter and spirit.

  • Commitment
  • We believe in giving our 100% to everything we do. We provide innovative and out of box solutions with a view to provide value enhancement for our clients. Client service standards adopted by our firm not only codify but also reflect the commitment levels to our clients. A culture of accountability to each other and our clients is the norm with us.

  • Confidentiality
  • Whether at the collective level of the firm or at the individual level of the employee, we respect and fully maintain the confidentiality of client’s information. Maintaining our client

Code of Ethics

  • Policy Rationale
  • We at HSodhi & Company LLP abide by our Code of Conduct i.e. our ethical standards defined to regulate the relationship between Professional’s and the clients, employees, employers, fellow members of the group and the public in general. We have made it out Primary Objective to comply with our Code of Ethics to achieve high levels of performance and sustain our national reputation. This requires our compliance of the following basic needs.
    – Professionalism
    – Credibility
    – Quality of Service of Confidence
    – Satisfying the regulatory and license requirements

  • Applicability
  • HSodhi & Company LLP Ethical Conduct Policy applies to all its personnel, contractors / consultants or any third party acting for or on behalf of the Firm. The same applies equally to all its joint operations where HSodhi & Company LLP is the operator. To achieve the day-to-day objectives of the Firm, our team of professionals comply with these principles
    – Integrity
    – Objectivity
    – Professional Competence and Due Care before fortifying contracts
    – Confidentiality
    – Professional Behaviour
    – Technical standards

  • Implementation
  • We at HSodhi & Company LLP adopt the following measures to enforce our Code of Conduct effectively.
    – Set the tone ‘from top’ by maintaining a sound system of guidelines duly directed and abided by our Top Management.
    – Communicate the word and make people aware of the policy guidelines and its practicality.
    – Special dedicated resources to check anti-corruption and provide support to monitor effectiveness and detect and deter non-compliance.
    – Garnered a sound system for identifying, assessing, managing and mitigating the risk of fraud or theft from HSodhi & Company LLP businesses.
    – Adopting a risk-based approach, carry out appropriate due diligence assessment of risks under potential and existing business relationships.
    – Vigilance to incorporate anti-bribery provisions into all contracts with third parties.
    – Adopt and implement measures to prevent bribes when transacting with our contractors and joint venture partners, and to ensure fair and smooth operations through the supply chain with due respect to the ethics prescribed.
    – Provide an independent, confidential reporting line for actual or suspected breaches and other matters of concern to be raised (Speak Up Duty of Report Policy)

  • Special Guidelines for HSodhi & Company LLP Personnel
  • Every active personnel working in any capacity is required to familiarise them with this Ethical Conduct Policy and the Standards referred to in this document
    – Operate in accordance with the Anti-Corruption guideline, not giving or receiving bribes in monetary or in kind with contractors or any third parties
    – Follow the requirements of the Hosting of Public Officials Standard when interacting with government and public officials
    – Not making political donations for or on behalf of HSodhi & Company LLP without prior consent
    – Adopting a risk-based approach, carry out appropriate due diligence assessment prior to entering into a business relationship with third party, and on an ongoing basis with existing counter-parties
    – Ensure a pre-employment screening is undertaken to identify if potential new employees are connected to public officials
    – Promptly report any suspected non-compliance with the Ethical Conduct Policy or Standards.
    – In the event of any real or perceived conflict of interest between the performance of their duties for HSodhi & Company LLP and their private interest, the personnel should promptly notify their line manager so that timely corrective steps can be taken to manage that conflict in accordance with the conflict of interest standard.

  • Gifts / Hospitality Policy
  • HSodhi & Company LLP does not believe in giving gifts or providing any hospitality or any promotional expenditure to any government officials or to its vendors and government officers.

  • Best Practices
  • Our Code of Conduct is designed to provide an understanding of the standards of ethical conduct that we express to the outside world. The Code applies to all HSodhi & Company LLP Partners and employees regardless of title or position, and serves as a road map to help guide their actions and behaviours. It describes fundamental ethical principles and efforts to uphold those principles. We base our decisions on the ethical framework as individuals and members of the Firm.

  • Ethics :
  • – Upholding and complying with laws of the country
    – Respecting Intellectual capital
    – Acting with professionally integrity
    – Synergetic approach
    – Upholding our clients’ reputations as well as our own
    – Treating people and the environment with respect
    – Acting in a socially responsible manner
    – Working together and thinking about the way we work
    – Considering the ethical dimensions of our actions

  • Duty to Speak Policy
  • HSodhi & Company LLP relies on everyone who works for or on behalf of the firm to live up to all of its business principles and internal policies by behaving ethically and responsibly. Any failure to work in accordance with our business principles and internal policies represents a risk to the reputation of HSodhi & Company LLP If any breaches occur despite our system of internal controls, reports by personnel and others provide a means for HSodhi & Company LLP to initiate proper investigation and to take any necessary action. We therefore impose a duty on personnel to report actual or suspected breaches. Every employee, director or partner of HSodhi & Company LLP must follow this policy. We require our personnel, and encourage others, to report any situation where they have a reasonable belief that there has been a breach, or potential breach, of our business principles, internal policies and standards / laws / regulations. Our policy also provides other ways of reporting: For example, via internal channels such as the Managing Partner of the firm. Any concerns will be investigated and, where appropriate, feedback will be provided. We do not tolerate retaliation for reporting genuine concerns made in good faith. If it is suspected that a report has not been made in good faith, it will be investigated and, where appropriate, disciplinary action will be taken up to and including dismissal. We will investigate reports and will take action wherever necessary. Any breach of HSodhi & Company LLP policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.We aim to create the climate and opportunities for our people and third parties to ‘do the right thing’ and to voice genuinely held concerns about behavior or decisions that they perceive to be contrary to HSodhi & Company LLP principles or mandatory internal controls.