We provide comprehensive due diligence services involving Business and Financial, Tax and Legal diligence (either in house or through our network partners) to identify idiosyncratic business & financial risks and opportunities.

Our Approach.

  1. Planning
    • Understand the business.
    • Understand the deal drivers.
    • Desktop research.
    • Develop information requirement checklist.
  2. Historical Analysis
    • Financial analysis of past performance.
    • Quality of earnings and net assets base.
    • Accounting policies and practices.
    • Link to audited numbers.
  3. Visualize Future
    • Analysis of assumptions and business drivers.
    • Trend Analysis.
    • Sensitivity Analysis.
    • Management discussions


Business Process Validation

The firm provides Business Process Validation and Risk Advisory services to assist clients in enhancing risk management and stakeholder conformance while providing the foundation to achieve greater business performance.

Our Risk Management Team helps in better identifying, measuring and managing risk and enhancing the reliability of control system and procedures.

Our Risk Advisory Services assist in mitigating the exposure to the business risks by proactively identifying the blind spots and helping the organisation use them to its advantage. Our services are specially designed to address the clients varying organisational needs. From enterprise vide risk initiatives to corporate governance programs to specific niche service solutions, our team will work with you to create strategic, practical and effective process to minimise organisational risk and maximise business opportunities.