Business Investment Support

Business Investment Support Services helps people and businesses evaluate and execute investment decisions, including; mortgage and real estate loans; investing in high-grade securities; engaging in sales financing or sales financing in combination with leasing; extending credit through credit instruments; acting as agents between buyers and sellers; and estimating the fair market value of real estate.

Investment decisions are highly personal and making relationships is a driving factor in the Investment Support Services. Individual talent and company culture tend to be determining factors when clients engage professionals, so connecting with right professionals to represent you and your business is critical while seeking Investment Support.

Our Team at HSodhi & Company LLP work with our clients on One on One Basis when it comes to Business & Corporate Financing. We make it a point to understand the financing needs of our clients, evaluating the best options for the clients and drafting the best possible financing structure for our client’s business needs. We personal relations with various banking institutions both in the public and the private sector; we help our clients with their most specific requirements.

Angel Investment

With the new age & different thinking of the Millennial Generation; StartUps have become a common site. What is tough for these Startups is to Sell their Idea to the traditional lending banks and financial institutions; and here steps in the saviour; The Angel Investor. These Venture Capitalists provides capital to startup ventures or support small companies that wish to expand but do not have access to equities markets.

We at HSodhi & Company LLP mediate between these StartUps and our well-of settled clients who are always looking to invest. It a Win – Win Situation for all the parties.